montebello gamelan
On a hillside at the foot of the Alps, in a place called Montebello, 40 km north of Turin, there is a gamelan from Central Java. It is housed in its own pendopo, which was specially built for the purpose. Kaduk Raras Raras Sari is a complete pelog/slendro gamelan. The tuning was set after the well-known Kyahi Kaduk Manis Manis Rengga. The Montebello gamelan is played by the Group of the Impermanence. In addition to playing classical music from Central Java, experimental musical activities are undertaken. There is a chronic shortage of dedicated players - surely a question of logistics, but probably also a matter of cultural tastes. Holding summer sessions with gamelan teachers and players converging to Montebello is a nice idea, already experimented. The Montebello gamelan can be heard on CDs.